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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Business Security

Every business, from a small corner store to an international corporation, can become a target for fraud and theft. Therefore, it is incredibly important for every business to take the proper steps towards improving the security of their business.

Now there are a few different forms of security to consider. There is the obvious protection of materials and products. For this, the security measures you would need to implement involve things like installing surveillance cameras, a proper lock and security system and perhaps even hiring security guards.

Many people tend to overlook their company’s data security, something that, if not protected properly, could lead to even bigger failures and consequences. Here are some ways you can improve the data security of your business.

Set up a data security plan

Start by coming up with a system of data collection, storage, usage, dissemination and destruction. The information of your customers is just as important as the information from your business, so don’t wait for a breach in security to come up with a plan.

Start by making sure each employee has a secure and customised username and log in to access the computers at work. If possible, limit the amount of access to external websites that might have a virus that is waiting to get into your network. Establish firewalls so that networks that aren’t related to your business aren’t allowed to communicate within the firewall.

You can also keep all your financial records and transactions on one computer that can only access bank websites or open recordkeeping applications. Keep this computer accountable by giving access to one or two individuals.

Establish security breach protocols

In the event of a security breach, your company should have policies and protocols set up that every employee knows how to follow. There should be a strict set of guidelines that changes as your company evolves, but that everyone must follow.  

 Your employees must be trained and educated about the security risks and how to avoid them. They must be aware of things like backing up data, alerting IT to potential threats, using good passwords and knowing what to do if anything digitally unexpected comes up.

Come up with a data storage policy

There should be a company-wide data storage policy in place that outlines what is kept and what is disposed of. The more you store, the more risk you take, so you must only store data that is absolutely essential. Anything you do store should be stored securely. If you have paper documents or hard media, secure lockable bins will ensure your privacy until you destroy the documents.

Ensure regular document destruction

Anything that you do not need to store should be disposed of in a secure manner. You can make a deal with confidential document destruction companies to regularly pick up and shred your sensitive information; everything from e-waste to paper documents. On-site, mobile shredders are the most secure as they do not allow any of your materials to leave your property in a readable format, and you have option of watching to make sure everything is disposed of properly.

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ShredLock provides a range of scheduled and on-call, on-site confidential document destruction services. If you are interested in greater data security, our team is happy to talk to you.


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