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Welcome to the Shredlock Blog. This page will be updated with interesting facts and be an informative location for all things ‘Document Destruction’.

The Advantages of On-Site Document Shredding


Document shredding is becoming more and more necessary among modern businesses, and even among individuals. As rates of identity fraud increase in Australia, it is important to take every precaution possible to protect your sensitive information so that you don’t end up paying thousands in the event of a security breach. You must take great […]

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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Business Security


Every business, from a small corner store to an international corporation, can become a target for fraud and theft. Therefore, it is incredibly important for every business to take the proper steps towards improving the security of their business. Now there are a few different forms of security to consider. There is the obvious protection […]

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Is Your Company Compliant with National Privacy Principles (NPP)?


According to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, the National Privacy Principles are ten principles that “regulate how private sector organisations manage personal information. They cover the collection, use and disclosure, and secure management of personal information. They also allow individuals to access that information and have it corrected if it is wrong.” The […]

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Document Shredding Company


Individuals and companies, no matter how large or small, all regularly produce, collect and store documents that are valuable and confidential. Storing these records is not only potentially dangerous given the idea that they could fall into the wrong hands, but it can also cost you a lot to store your documents in any form. […]

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A demonstration of the importance of document destruction


This ACA story is not an uncommon story in our world. With identity theft now such a huge problem in Australia and overseas it is more important then ever before to be aware of where your documents end up. This former centre Shredlock are committed to shredding documents and with onsite destruction you can […]

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Second Hand Hard Drives Hold your Secrets


Bank details, pornographic pictures and credit card numbers were just a few of the tidbits found on hard drives of second-hand computers offloaded by Australians this year, according to a new study.  Simply deleting files is not enough to clean a hard drive…….read more

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Variety Club Bash


Shredlock are now a proud sponsor of “The Ten Bucks” who are participating in the 2012 Variety Club Bash.  Visit their website

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Businesses Risk Privacy in Dumping Documents


THOUSANDS of Australian businesses are dumping personal documents into commercial rubbish bins that can be easily accessed by the public and identity thieves. A survey commissioned by the National Association for Information Destruction showed three in 10 organisations were unaware of their obligations when it came to destroying personal information. Read more:

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What is E-Waste?


What happens when your television, laptop, fax machine or other common electronic products reach the end of their useful life? For many people, it simply means tossing these items in the trash and buying new – and this leads to one of the fastest growing areas of waste in our country: e-waste. Technology is a […]

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They Shred Paper, Don’t They?


Banks and other businesses, like government agencies, have paper documents and other highly sensitive information on them. So, when it comes time to dispose of those documents, they shred them first. Some outsource the shredding to paper shredding companies. Others have their documents incinerated. But what do you do when the documents you need to […]

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