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Identity Theft Alert

Today Tonight has reported that Identity Theft is affecting more than four million Australians each year. Identity theft is the world’s fastest growing crime, being used to steal billions.

So how does identity theft happen?

In an everyday suburban street, outside an everyday Australian home in the middle of the night, someone rifles through a paper recycling bin.

It’s a form of identity theft from which no suburb in the country is immune. A nightly epidemic where thieves are stealing our personal information right from under our noses, a drive-by fraud service waiting to be picked clean.

“They know, because it’s public information which councils have pick-ups on which day, and whether it’s garden waste or recycled waste, and they will cruise through those streets in the middle of the night and go through the garbage bins,” Forsyth said.

Two in five Australians put old bank statements and other key personal papers into recycling. Identity fraudsters will return over weeks, compiling piece by piece, until the jigsaw is complete, and then selling that abroad – dumped bank statements, credit card offers, phone bills, which already bear the person’s name and address.

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