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Scheduled Secure Document Shredding

Scheduled Secure Document Shredding in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra

A well-managed, scheduled secure destruction service can not only protect you and your business against loss of income and reputation, but it can also ensure that you meet your responsibilities in relation to the National Privacy Principles (NPP).

Why Choose ShredLock?

ShredLock is a AAA certified industry leader in secure data destruction. We provide reliable, risk-free scheduled secure document destruction services. We are efficient and trustworthy, with a proven track record of meeting in excess of 95% of our scheduled service slots.

At ShredLock, we have a host of data security specialists who are happy to assist you in tailoring a secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective service schedule that will meet you or your company’s individual needs. We are known for building trusting and ongoing relationships with our clients.

Why Do I Need a Regular Shredding Service?

Having a pre-arranged scheduled services means that you’ll never have to call ahead to book a service or wait for one. It’s just one less thing to think about, but the benefits are essential, especially if you run a legal or finance firms that requires regular shredding every month or quarter.

How Does It Work?

We provide your office with the exact number of secure bins that you’ll require, and we won’t charge you with ongoing bin rental fees. ShredLock can collect the bins daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Our scheduled service provides you with one per-bin price which includes: all transport charges, bin rental charges, return ‘floor-to-truck’ servicing, secure onsite shredding, guaranteed 100% recycling of all shredded waste, and an issue of a Certificate of Destruction at the completion of each collection.

Additional ‘ad-hoc’ collections can be booked during busier times of the year. Or if you need only occasional servicing, we also offer on-call document destruction services.

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