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The Advantages of On-Site Document Shredding

Advantages of On-Site Document Shredding

Document shredding is becoming more and more necessary among modern businesses, and even among individuals. As rates of identity fraud increase in Australia, it is important to take every precaution possible to protect your sensitive information so that you don’t end up paying thousands in the event of a security breach. You must take great care to shred and dispose of your documents correctly. Hiring a shredding company can be a good way to ensure this, but finding one that shreds on-site is even better.

As Australian companies need to comply with National Privacy Principles that require them to enforce strict and efficient practices in regards to how they collect, store, disperse and dispose of data, mobile shredding is becoming more popular. Mobile, on-site shredding involves having a company come to your place of business and dispose of your sensitive documents on-site.

Here are a few advantages to on-site and mobile document shredding.

Convenience – they come to you

Many companies that offer mobile shredding usually also offer a scheduled or on-call services if you require them. Regular disposal of materials is recommended as it is one less thing to think about and you will doubly protect yourself. These companies have large trucks with machines that are capable of shredding large amounts of documents and hard media in a short amount of time.

This is also convenient if you are moving offices or having an office cleanout, as you have the benefit of someone coming to you and helping you get organised during this stressful time.

You’ll also likely get the benefit of having locked bins installed by the company in your office. These bins are nearly indestructible and they are a safe place to store your sensitive information until the company comes to destroy it for you.

Peace of mind comes with watching them shred

On-site paper shredding means that you can be there, or designate someone to be there, to make sure that every last piece of sensitive information is torn to bits of unreadable confetti. You won’t need to worry about this process taking too much time, as it usually takes only minutes rather than hours, no matter how much you’re disposing of.

Even when working with professioanls, it is important for your peace of mind to make sure that nothing leaves your premises in a readable format. There will be no stress or worry over the driver or any other unknowns gaining access after the documents leave your property.

At the end of the shredding process, the company will provide you with a certificate of destruction so that you are following responsible business practices and complying with legal practices.

Your documents leave unrecoverable

Good confidential document disposal companies won’t just shred your documents, but they’ll also mix them up with other pieces of shredded paper so it is impossible to reconstruct. The extra paper usually comes from recycled sources, and then the rest are all recycled so you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint.  

ShredLock offers secure on-site mobile document shredding in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra  so you and your data are as safe as can be.

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